Top 10 festival essentials!

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Hope all is well.

There are lots of festivals on the rise for the summer season and it can be quite a stressful time trying to organise everything from outfits to hair, make-up etc. Below I have covered my top 10 essentials that I think we all need at any festival and hopefully it will help with ticking a few of the boxes.

Everything is available and linked below should you want to purchase anything online or of course if you live local, you can also pop in store.

It is always handy to have a lil spray of perfume and Beyoncé heat will keep you smelling fresh as a daisy. It is also very reasonably priced and you will also have it for your handbag (if there’s any left!)

The perfect duo & quite possibly two of the handiest items you could have in your make-up bag for heading to a festival and also the perfect size! The Airbrush Blender you can use for applying your concealer and the F20 is hands down one of the best foundation brushes I have used! Even if you aren’t heading to a festival, Blank Canvas is a brilliant brand to check out in terms of brush quality.

You would need to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about SoSueMe’s latest product – the Wonder Water. I think it is a genius idea because every girl struggles with matching the shade of their face to their tan and this is basically the solution to the problem! Really handy if you don’t want to apply make-up throughout the festival and you will still have a bronzed colour at the same time, win win! Available in light to medium and medium to dark.

If you really want to up the ante with your photographs, then the Olympus Pen is the way to go! It has a 4-42 mm lens, 12x megapixel, 3″ LCD full HD, 3D photo option and a vari angle screen.

The ‌Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24hr is their first 24 hour liquid foundation that gives you an even, flawless looking complexion. No need for touch ups which is perfect for a festival! With a blendable fresh texture and a smooth finish, this long-lasting foundation provides the perfect coverage. 18 shades available.

The Glam Fam illuminating drops are a high gloss illuminator that refresh and enhance your natural complexion so they are perfect for that extra glow under your make-up. Available in gleam, glisten and glow so you can decide which one you are!

 This isn’t just any normal shower gel because it also has a shimmer which is IDEAL for a festival! Between Nuxe and the Glam Fam illuminating drops, you will be glowing and picture perfect ready all of the time!

If there’s one palette that everyone needs going to a festival, it’s the Stacey Marie palette – just look at those colours! No matter which festival you are going to, it’s a great excuse to experiment with your make-up and you will be able to create anything from a smoky, sultry look to a full on rainbow!We always want that little bit of a golden glow during the summer and especially when heading to a festival as everything just looks better with a tan doesn’t it?! Personally I am a huge fan of the B-perfect tan in terms of colour payoff, how it wears and smells! It is ideal for your festival bag too considering it dries in 10 seconds as there won’t be much time to hang around and wait for it to soak in haha!

This long-lasting deodorant from Nuxe is the first deodorant with mineral effectiveness. It is alcohol-free and provides long-lasting protection without leaving any white marks meaning no festival outfits shall be ruined in the process. The deodorant is effective for 8 hours after application so you can dance away into the night without having to worry!

I hope you found this helpful and if you are going to any festivals this month or perhaps in the coming weeks, have thee best of fun!

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Christmas Wishlist

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe this is my last blog post before Christmas! How are you all getting on with your shopping? I will be honest and say that I haven’t even started mine yet – I keep buying everything for myself so #treatyoself might have to stop very soon haha.

Below I have created my Christmas Wishlist and you’ll find everything from technology to make-up brushes. Magees have some amazing offers across the range, particularly for perfume and gift sets which is why I won’t go anywhere else. Don’t forget there is free ROI delivery on orders over €40 and also next day delivery for orders placed by 12 noon.

The Ellie Kelly lipkits would make a great stocking filler and the red shade which is called “cheeky” is an amazing colour – definitely my favourite out of the 3! There is a high shine gloss that comes with the lipstick and I like to wear it on its’ own for days when I have minimal make-up on.

If you know someone who is a perfume fanatic like myself, I highly recommend the Giorgio Armani Si Passione! The smell is just incredible and it lingers on your clothes which is great as it means a little will go a long way. I remember my mum bought me Armani Code one year for Christmas and it’s still one of my favourites!

I really want to up my photography game this year for my blog and Instagram and think it’s time to just bite the bullet and buy the Olympus Pen because I have been looking at it for so long now (I’m talking approx 2 years!) I have heard so many people rant and rave about the brand and it’s nice and compact too which is very handy for travelling or popping in your handbag.

Hands down one of my favourite perfumes that I never get sick of wearing is La Vie Est Belle. Although, I spray that much I tend to make those around me feel sick haha. I actually received a set like this one Christmas and it was brilliant because you have your full sized perfume, a miniature one to pop in your handbag and then the fragranced body lotion which is amazing after a shower or bath.

This Clarins weekend essentials gift set caught my eye as I loved the look of all the contents. It is an exclusive gift set that contains all of your essentials to hydrate, protect and boost radiance. There’s the Hand & Nail Treatment Cream 100ml, Beauty Flash Balm 50ml, Moisture Rich Body Lotion 30ml, Hydra Essentiel Moisturiser 15ml, Hand & Nail Treatment Cream 30ml, Eye Contour Gel 3ml and Instant Light Lip Perfector. I also love when gift sets come in beautiful wash bags as you can re-use them time and time again.

Nuxe is a brand that I have heard so much about and also spotted so many people using on Instagram. Not only do you get 3 products, but there is also a candle in the set aswell! The set is designed to give an at home spa experience which sounds as though it would be amazing after a long day!

Another great stocking filler is the Blank Canvas f20 kabuki brush. This is amazing for applying foundation and it has been named as one of the best foundation brushes on the market. It is very reasonably priced and any time I have bought one, I always got a lot of usage out of it.

If you still have a few people to tick off your list, I hope this provided some inspiration and if all else fails when shopping and you can’t make up your mind who to buy for – do what I do and buy for you! 😉

Wishing you all a magical Christmas filled with fun, food, sips, health and happiness!

Until January,



Printing Photographs – Keeping your Memories Forever

Polaroid image

Years ago we printed all our photographs. Even the ones which had heads cut off or blurry faces and red eyes.  In these enlightened days of digital photography, the camera is kind enough to focus, reduce the vampire eye look and allow us to edit afterwards so that every image is a keeper.  But we don’t always keep them.  Photographs get lost from all kinds of devices and with them we lose those precious memories. Lost phones, failed hard drives and the dreaded ‘delete’ button pressed in error cause the loss of treasured images. Those captured moments cannot be replaced.

It is definitely time to consider keeping these pictured memories forever.

Back Up:

USBBack up to the Cloud if using an iPhone and even if you lose your phone, the photographs will still be there.  Use a hard drive or even a simple USB to store the more important images. Don’t imagine that Facebook will keep them forever. Who remembers Bebo and all the images uploaded to that!! Save your best pics to Instagram and the new look Flickr website if you don’t mind them being shared and commented on.

Digital printing:

Enjoy your photographs, every day, by digitally printing the more precious ones and framing for your walls.  Digital printing has seen huge technological advances over the past few years and high quality is achieved easily and without high costs.   There is fantastic value in online printing in particular.  This means you can log on from the comfort of your home, choose and upload images from your device and order high quality prints at a reasonable price. See here>>

Gifts ideas:

jigsawOnline digital printing allows you to make unique personalised presents for friends and family.  Mugs, Calendars, mouse mats with that special photograph in pride of place are very welcome keepsakes. IPhone covers, jigsaws and a host of other thoughtful gift ideas are just a click away.  Many people are choosing to make photo books. Personalised for birthday, weddings, new baby or just to record the cherished photographs, a photo book is a perfect way to display and celebrate memories.  The step by step instructions to designing your own personal photo book, make it simple and fun to create. Get Ideas here>>

Printing from Prints:

Don’t despair if you have lost your negatives for a favourite snap. but you still need photographs? You are in the right place! Here at Magee’s, we use the latest scanners and digital printers currently available to bring you the best quality from your original prints. We can make any size photo from your originals up to 20×30 inches.   Not all photographs make good quality copies without negatives. If in any doubt please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and advice

It’s comforting to know, that with the advances in digital photography and the ease of capturing amazing images, the technology for printing has also advanced remarkably and can do justice to our creations. While some are warning that the current generation of photographs will be lost to the digital dark age, we feel optimistic that once you start saving and printing, you will realise that memories are not disposable and preserve them for ever.  We are pleased to assist you with that very important task.


Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again…Valentine’s Day is approaching and we are officially in the month of love! At this time of year, I find that the general population gets split into two categories:

  1. Those who have a significant other half, be it a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. This category of the population will right about now be starting to eagerly research gift ideas while also secretly hoping that whatever their other half gets them is as good as the gift they give!
  2. Those who are single. What more can be said here?!

As a current singleton myself, I find myself regarding those category 1 people with envy (although I might not care to admit it!). However, I am a firm believer in embracing tradition and I will without a doubt be treating myself with some gifts this Valentine’s Day!

With that in mind, this blog is for everyone…in a relationship or single, why shouldn’t we all get a little bit of enjoyment out of St Valentine!

Valentines Kids


History of Valentine’s Day

As I sat down to write this, I found myself wondering where this annual tradition came from. Sure, we all have a vague notion that there was a St Valentine (and also a sneaky feeling that Hallmark might have had something to do with all the hype), but when it really comes down to it, where did all this start?

Well the answer is that no one knows for sure. It is all shrouded in mystery and legend. What we do know is that it comes from a combination of Christian and Roman tradition, and that there were at least 3 different Valentines which were saints, each of whom could have been the source.

One legend holds that Valentine was a Roman priest in the 3rd Century. The Emperor at the time decided that single men made better soldiers, so he outlawed marriage in younger men. Valentine defied him though and continued to perform marriages in secret. He was later caught and sentenced to death.

Another legend put Valentine as a prisoner in which he wrote a letter to a young girl he had fallen in love with. The night before he was put to death she received the letter and it was signed “From Your Valentine”.

What we do know is that Valentines greetings go back as far as the Middle Ages and the oldest Valentine letter in existence was a poem written by the Duke of Orleans in 1415.

5 Interesting Valentine Facts

Here are some Valentine’s facts that you might not have known.

  1. The phrase “wearing your heart on your sleeve” has a proper origin. In the Middle Ages, young men and women used to draw names from a bowl and then wear the name pinned to their sleeve on Valentine’s Day so that everyone would know who their supposed true love was.
  2. The first Valentine’s box of chocolates was created by Richard Cadbury in 1868
  3. About 3% of pet owners give Valentine’s gifts to their pets
  4. Over 50 million roses are given on Valentine’s Day worldwide
  5. The city of Verona, where Romeo and Juliet lived, receives about 1,000 letters to Juliet every Valentine’s Day



Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

So are you one of those people trying to decide what to get your other half on Valentine’s Day? Well of course at Magees I can tell you that we have lots of ideas for you! Check out our range of fragrances for her and aftershaves for him.

Guys – if you are looking for something a little extra, we have a special offer running from now until the 20th February. Get a free Clarins Beauty Gift and Stylish Cosmetic Purse when you purchase two or more Clarins products (one to be moisturiser). And ladies – as I said already, if you feel like just treating yourself then step right this way!

chloe perfume

One thing I find is that women are actually easier to buy for on Valentine’s Day. There are tons of gift ideas for her, be it fragrances, makeup, skincare, roses or flowers. Gifts for him can be a little bit trickier. However, not only do we stock a great range of aftershaves, but we also stock a range of cameras, perfect for the budding photographer!

So, to all you ladies and gentlemen out there, I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day! If you need some help and advice looking for that perfect gift, don’t forget that you can also pop into us in-store where we would be happy to help! Click here for our address.

Valentines Rose

Love, Magees

Letterkenny Photographic Exhibition

Local photographer Brian Mc Daid opened the Letterkenny Photographic Club’s exhibition on Friday night where a large crowd braved the arctic weather conditions to view the fine collection of images on display. The exhibition will run right through this week until Easter weekend at the Regional Cultural Centre (behind An Grianán Theatre). Worth a wee visit!!

The Canon Powershot SX500 IS

Do you ever find yourself at the back of the room when there’s something good happening & miss out on “the moment”?  Or on “the hill” in Croke Park when Michael Murphy lifts Sam Maguire in the Hogan stand & your average compact just does’nt go that extra mile to capture that perfect picture???
Well here’s your answer…..

The Canon PowerShot SX500 IS is a pocket-sized super-zoom camera with a 30x optical range. Announced in August 2012, Canon claims it’s the World’s smallest 30x optical zoom camera, with a range that extends from 24-720mm with intelligent image stabilisation to even out the shakes & blurs. To me, it appears to be the baby of the Powershot SX40 which boasts a 35 optical zoom, though to be honest I’d still be happy out with the more compact SX500 for its smaller size & weight.
A 16 Megapixel camera paired up with a 3in fixed LCD screen with 461k pixel resolution and a pop-up flash, along with  full PASM exposure modes in addition to Smart Auto, a range of scene modes and Creative filters which can be used for both stills and movies. The PowerShot SX500 IS can also shoot HD movie footage at resolutions up to 1280 x 720 at 25 frames per second encoding files using either the H.264 codec or the more edit-friendly Apple iFrame format.
With a collection of finely captured images from this new powershot you’ll find yourself wanting to do a lot more with them than just transferring them to your PC. The crisp, colourful images you achieve will look great enlarged to any size, photo, poster,or canvas. Photobooks of special events such as the All-Ireland, your child’s christening, your dad’s retirement or friends wedding will be a fantastic keepsake/gift with the highest quality of photos included to last for years to come!
Now there’s food for thought….
For all these services, why not check out our photolab that facilitates every photographer from the amateur to the Professional.


The New Compact Canon SLR- “EOS M”

Just launched, Canon have now come up with a conclusion to peoples problems of wanting to capture SLR quality photos without lugging about the bulk of an SLR camera. The new Canon EOS M is the answer, fully equipped with all the Canon features boasting 18mp with an interchangeable lens compact system and small enough to take anywhere & everywhere! Derived from its EOS ancestors it has a more similar appearance to that of the “G” series models yet still having the capability to carryout the old reliable EOS functions. Some of it’s most atrractive features to the consumer is the easy to use touch-sensitive clear view LCD screen, the full HD video, & it’s ability to shoot in low light with a maximum ISO of 12,800. To accomodate the EF lens range, the camera also features a new EF-M lens mount specially developed for the EOS M. Sounds almost too good to be true, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh very soon!!