Top 5 handbag beauty essentials!

Hi everyone! I can’t believe it has been a month since my blog post. Hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend. It looks like the good weather is back which is amazing! Doesn’t it make such a difference to everyone’s mood?! Long may it last ☺

I looked at the list of potential posts we could do for this blog and decided to go with top 5 handbag beauty essentials as I think it is something that all ladies can relate to. Personally, I know that I cannot leave the house without my make-up bag. When I am out and about, it tends to be long days and I like to know that I have a few go to items in my make-up, should I need them. Everyone will be different in terms of what they like to use on a daily basis so I have included the products I can’t live without and hopefully you find something new!

It might seem a bit obvious starting with this but the one thing I definitely cannot leave the house without is deodorant! I normally use either Dove or the Nuxe body stick pictured above. What I like is the fact it doesn’t leave any white marks on your clothes and it also smells lovely.

As I wear tan all year round, my hands tend to get quite dry and that is why I always carry a little hand cream in my bag. I also like to apply it every night before I go to bed. This cream from Nuxe smells AMAZING! Once any product smells nice, I am sold! 😍 It’s non greasy and always leaves my hands feeling really soft so that’s why I love it.

I’m sure many of you have heard of the Clarins Instant Light lip balms before, but if you haven’t, they are brilliant. A little bit more expensive compared to your normal lip balm but I find Clarins to be a great brand and that’s why I don’t mind spending a little extra – they also last a long time so you are getting value for money. I like the fact they also add a little colour/high shine to your lips and there is a wide selection of colours available as you can see above.

I am a huge fan of perfume. I go through it like no tomorrow and that is probably due to the fact that I also spray it like no tomorrow! The GUESS Seductive is one of my favourites as I like quite a sweet scent.

Have any of you tried the Lancôme Matte Shaker Liquid lipsticks? They are brilliant! Normally I like to go for a little bit of a shine on my lips but when it comes to lipstick, I always go for a matte look. A few matte lippie’s can be quite drying on the lips but I found these to be perfect throughout the day and thankfully my lips didn’t have that chapped look! Really handy for throwing in your bag as they are so tiny.

It’s said that you’re never fully dressed without a smile and although I do believe that to be true, I also say that a slick of lippie never a goes a miss either 😉 Enjoy the weekend!

Until next time,



Tanning Thursday!

Thursday is not only the day before Friday anymore, it is TANNING THURSDAY! Yes, this is now an epidemic and if you are a tan fanatic then everyday will be a tanning day! How many times can you say the word tan in the one sentence?! With many different brands on the market, it can be hard to know which one to buy and try. This is where this post will hopefully help you out. Three of the current leading tans were put to the test, with before and after pictures, price point and info included underneath each one. So, if you are interested in learning about Bperfect Cosmetics, Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter or bBold, then keep on reading.

BPerfect Cosmetics is a beauty brand that creates innovative beauty products that are on trend, forward thinking and unique. Started in Belfast in 2012, the brand was created by Brendan McDowell. Brendan aspired to create a range of cosmetics that were easy to use, versatile and created to change your cosmetic routine forever”. The brand also had a very successful appearance on Dragon’s Den where they were offered investment from two dragons. The 10 second mousse is fast drying, doesn’t leave a long lasting fake tan smell and also applies really easily with no streaks (top tip is to always apply with a mitt and use a foundation brush for applying it to your hands). The images below are based on the medium shade which gives a gorgeous colour and glow to the skin. The tan gives an instant colour but I would always advise leaving it to develop overnight for maximum results. It only started to fade approx. 6-7 days after it was applied which is great.



Marissa Carters’ brand, Cocoa Brown, is without a doubt one of the best selling tans on the shelf. Her products are sold in almost 15,000 stores around the world from the UK to Scandinavia, North America, Russia, Australia and Europe. The one hour mousse is designed to develop a colour in that time frame and the image below is based on the medium shade. A little goes a long way with the mousse so it is definitely value for money and also has a beautiful floral scented smell. For best results, I suggest applying it the night before which allows the colour to develop and then shower off the residue the following morning. It lasts approx 5 days before fading completely (whilst showering everyday) and a little tip is to moisturise every second day to keep it in tact. It is suitable for all skin types, particularly those with dry/sensitive skin.



bBold is an award-winning tanning and bronzing range that has been supplied to beauty lovers throughout the UK and Ireland for over 5 years. Their developing self-tanning range combines premium high grade DHA and naturally derived ingredients such as red berry erythrulose, aloe vera, cocoa butter and Vitamin E in order to perfect kind to skin tanning solutions that will leave your skin looking beautifully bronzed.  The products are paraben Free, Vegan friendly and against animal cruelty. bBold came out on top and I will give you my reasons why. If you love a dark tan that gives you a colour straight away, this will be right up your street! It glides on, streak free, leaves no smell and also was a beautiful colour after showering. The tan lasted for approx 7 days before any major fade in the colour and I was really impressed by how it faded from my hands. Definitely a big thumbs up and also great value with 2x175ml bottles for €19.95



As you can see from the images, there are a few differences between the three tans. Everyone looks for something different when they are purchasing tan and after putting them to the test, the below comparisons should help you in deciding which one is best. Make sure to let us know in the comments section below what your no.1 choice is!

Happy Tanning from Emma aka The Fashion Chair!


Choosing the Right Foundation for your skin type

Five-Ways-Of-Applying-Liquid-Foundation-1Choosing the right foundation is vital to your overall beauty regime.  Foundation evens out your skin tone, gives a flawless base and hides blemishes.  Even the most minimalist make up aficionado appreciates the joy of the healthy glowing complexion provided by that special little bottle.   Knowing which the correct foundation is, the right colour and formulation for your skin type is not that difficult.  We have all seen the daily horror stories of orange faces, scaly peeling foundation, the white necks and badly applied or chosen foundation. There is absolutely no need for such faux pas.

There is a foundation for all skin types and we at Magee’s are more than happy to assist you in finding the right one for you.

Oily skin.

There are lots of foundations out there for oily skin, but while on your search, look for ones with ingredients like dimethicone or even oil-absorbing clay.  Clarins Ever Matte Foundation is ideal for the oilier complexion. With its shine-stopping, oil-free formula, which maintains a fresh matte, yet radiant finish for hours of beautiful wear. This product protects from sun, pollution and free radicals. It refines and tightens pores. Although the finish is matte, it is not dull, heavy or fake looking, but has been developed to give great cover without caking.  But, if a liquid foundation doesn’t rock your boat, try a powder foundation.   They just add a touch of coverage while keeping you matte all day long.

Dry /Sensitive Skin

A boost of moisturiser to your foundation should be enough to tackle the dryness which make up can aggravate.  Hydration is the key. Dry skin can appear flaky and textured, so you’ll want a formula that doesn’t settle into lines, goes on smoothly and gives you a healthy glow. You may also like to try a product that has a touch of shimmer for that extra hydrated glow.  You can try using an illuminating primer underneath your foundation.  Clarins Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Foundation SPF10 is a deeply comforting and hydrating fluid that creates a natural-looking complexion f or dry/ combination skin with its blend of light reflecting pigments, plant extracts and minerals.

Combination Skin

Combination skin can prove tricky when sourcing the perfect foundation. Ideally, you are looking for coverage which keeps everything balanced and minimizes oil but at the same time, and doesn’t draw attention to or aggravate dry spots.  A primer comes into its own with combination skin types. After moisturizing, apply a matte primer to the areas where you tend to become oily. This will help to keep oil under control throughout the day, and it will also help your makeup to stay looking fresh.  Don’t forget to set your oily areas with a powder!   When it comes to foundation, you’ll want to look for something that’s long-wearing.

Choosing the right kind of foundation will make a huge difference to how it sits and feels on your skin.  There are a few types of foundation to choose from.

Liquid: This is the most popular type of foundation. It’s a creamy, liquid makeup that is applied with a sponge, fingers, or foundation brush. Liquid foundations have coverage ranging from sheer to full and are suited to combination, dry, normal or oily skin.

Cream: This foundation is usually applied with a makeup sponge and give a full coverage, making them good for skin with discolorations, scars, or reddened areas. Cream foundations tend to be for dry skin.

Compact: The flat compact foundation is applied as if it were a cream, but gives a powdery finish dry finish. Coverage is medium to full, and most compact foundations are best for dry skin, though there are oil-free formulations suitable for oily skin types.

Powder: Both loose and pressed-powder foundations are perfect for oily skin. Applied with a brush, sponge applicator or a powder puff, the coverage is medium and the effects are perfect for this skin type

Tinted Moisturizer, BB Cream, CC Cream: A tinted moisturisers, BB or CC creams can be very sheer and natural, and is good for everyday use where you need a light cover. Tinted moisturisers can be applied with fingers or a sponge applicator. Blending moisturizer and skin-improving ingredients with a tint of colour, there are very popular foundations.

Finding a signature perfume to match your personality

nswomenfraglp3Perfume is a very personal thing and we all like to have our very own, signature scent.  This is true whether you enjoy a spicy aroma, a deep musky scent or a spritz of fresh florals.  But, it is not easy to find that special perfume which truly reflects who we are. Not least, because every scent smells completely different on each person.  This is due to our unique body chemistry.  The PH balance of the skin effects the way an aroma can present itself, and so, two people using the same perfume can have completely different results. Choosing your fragrance needs literally, trial and error before you find the one.  To assist you in finding a signature perfume, which matches your personality, we have put together a few tips

Test and try before you buy

Assistants at perfume counters are happy to consult and advise you in which perfume to road test before you buy.  Spritz your skin with the one that most appeals to you, let it settle and see how it is at the end of the day. Ask friends what they think. But most importantly evaluate how you feel about it yourself.  If a whiff of this perfume still makes you feel fabulous a few hours after application, it may well be your signature scent.

Floral, fresh, oriental or woody?

At Magee’s we are proud to stock a vast range of eau de parfum, eau de cologne and perfume in all brands.  It is our pleasure to stock some of the more rare perfumes, such as the ever popular, (Red Door by Elizabeth Arden and Thierry Mugler Alien Eau Extraordinaire) .    Fragrances which attract a dedicated following of women who consider them their own signature perfumes.  In choosing your own personal fragrance, it is useful to firstly know which type of scent you like.

Perfumes can be loosely categorised as floral, fresh, oriental and woody.  Floral top notes indicate a Flirtatious, vivacious, sweet yet confident character.  Roses, jasmine and freesia are pretty perfumes, which can be warmed up with vanilla and musk for a heady mix.  Laidback, sporty types like the fresh, clean and light fragrances of citrus, green tea and marine plants. DKNY Be Delicious or Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey. Refreshing and sparkling, they are in direct contrast to the exotic aroma of the oriental perfumes favoured by the brave and the bold.  Warm, opulent and sensual oriental fragrances are musky, spicy and opulent.   Free spirit, outdoorsy types like woody fragrances. Warm with sandalwood, vanilla and hints of smoke, these earthy aromas are never associated with the more frivolous of personalities and reflect the deepness of the soul (Gucci by Gucci)

Of course, no one says you cannot have a few signature fragrances.  You can chop and change your scent if you feel like mixing it up and depending on the mood of the day.  Test and try outside of your comfort zone now and again.

The Science bit

There is a scientific basis behind the choice of signature fragrance. The perfume notes you can’t resist reveal a lot about your personality.  It seems that there is a region of your brain, a primitive, instinctual region, which recognizes smells and aromas.  This section of your brain is intimately connected with the emotional section of your brain, the limbic system.  This is the source of all of our most primal reactions, such as pleasure, fear and hunger. Here too, is the data banks of our deepest memories.    So your perfume personality, is an extension of your own personality and this must be to the forefront of your search for your signature fragrance!

Whatever fragrance you choose to reflect the real you, check out our blog on how to get the best from that bottle of scent

Beauty bloggers & Social influencers


Ireland’s beauty bloggers float regally across a sparkling, happening world, dropping pearls of wisdom and waves of expensive perfume as they go.  Their enviable position is coveted by teenage beauty fans, glamorous grannies and trendy hipsters alike. Well, they sample all the newest make up trends for free and can be wonderfully opinionated about everything. Thumbs up for the new on-fleek primer. Thumbs down for your fancy new café.  Oh the power of the internet!  Being seen in the hippest places is awesome, and commanding personal appearance fees while you go, it’s positively incredible.

Fame that is based on how your react to beauty products and make up trends is a strange concept, when you think about it. No experience and no qualifications are necessary. Just the ability to be fabulous dahling!!  But how opinionated and independent can a blogger be when all of their blog/vlog content may be sponsored by brands?   Are we at saturation point when it comes to advice by online self-proclaimed beauty experts?    We look at some of Ireland’s most popular beauty blogs and assess the buzz, the advice and the general expertise of today’s social influencer.

The most well-known Irish beauty/lifestyle bloggers are SoSueme (Susan Jackson), Makeup Fairy, Melanie Martin and Itsrachmartin, to name but a few of the many.  A quick look at any of their online pages reveals links to checkout carts and the option to purchase the brands they so highly recommend. Slick polished websites abound. These sites are more associated with established glossy brands, than with eager YouTubers, posting eagerly from their bedrooms.

The concept of beauty blogs emerged when the public became disillusioned with magazines. It was a particular complaint of expensive glamour/beauty magazines that they were full of advertisements and paid content.  We like to think that the first refreshing blogs and vlogs (video blogs) were from enthusiasts, sharing their honest wonder at new and exciting things. And indeed, it was like that.  However, now that blogs have come of age, they have evolved into finding many ways of making money for the author.  Bloggers make a few cents for each video view. Sometimes, this can amount to more than a few cent! Kim Kardahshian West makes an estimated 50 thousand dollars a year from her video views. The estimated earning of all social media gurus is published here: Social Blade

And if that doesn’t have you rushing to your phone camera to start your own broadcasting, consider the revenue from advertisements which appear in the sidebar of the text.  Bloggers may also be sponsored by a particular brand, or approached by a company and asked to review or feature particular items for certain sums of money.  The cost for featuring a product varies depending on the bloggers notoriety, but there are rumors of thousands of euros changing hands to push new must-have products.  Bloggers must be seen at all the beautiful events, with all the beautiful people.  Along with the PR attention comes trips and gifts.  Travel to foreign countries, social gathering and anywhere that the brand label want to create a buzz.  We cannot blame Bloggers.  It seems that we, the consumer, are so fickle that a featured handbag will sell out within hours. Some Irish bloggers have almost 500,000 subscribers enjoying them on website, twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Blogs may have evolved into upmarket catalogues, fancy tutorial videos and online shops, but we love them.

And why wouldn’t we!  Beauty blogs are fun. They are free. They offer the newest trends in make-up techniques, fashion must haves and a glimpse into a world of glamour and elegance.  But, we must not think that the advice and recommendations are free. We are in fact, looking at magazines on line. The pay-per-view is there in the sponsored content, the ads on the side and the pushing of selected products. It seems awe can tolerate, or even ignore that, for the chance to view red carpet glamour up close. Of course, we always know that our own beauty experts are where they always were, at your local pharmacist, make up outlet and beauty salon. Trained professionals who regularly update on the latest in dermatological advances and who appreciate the holistic beauty of natural health and tried and tested brands and products.  The hottest blog spots have their place in our lifestyle trends, but we should enjoy them with a generous pinch of salt.

Magee’s would like to say that no monies changed hands in the making of this blog. No sponsorship, no branding and no free trips.  But, if any cruise liner company  is reading, any fancy hotels or spa weekends…we are open to offers….   Just saying… !

Staying fragrant -Tips on how to make your perfume last longer



Spraying perfume

We all love our signature scent.  That one particular perfume which makes us feel opulent, sensual and totally feminine. Whether you choose spicy, earthy undertones or light floral mists, your perfume says a lot about you.  But how do you ensure that the scent lasts from morning to evening?  Here are some top tips to ensuring that you are getting the best from your perfume.

  1. Apply after a steamy bath or shower.

The optimum time to apply your perfume is after a steamy shower or bath, when the pores are open. Apply Vaseline or a scent –free lotion to the skin, to maximise the staying power of your favourite cologne, eau de toilette or perfume.

  1. Create a Barrier

As described in step 1, create a barrier between perfume and skin, even if you are not straight from the bath/shower. The ‘ointment’ is occlusive and this slows down the absorption rate and helps your fragrance to last much longer.

  1. Don’t rub the perfume in!

I know!  We have all been rubbing our wrists together after spritzing with scent.  Apparently it breaks down the fragrance really quickly and forces the top notes to disappear faster. So it is a big no-no, if you want the bouquet and aroma to last from day to night.

  1. Where to spritz for best effect

Apply perfume to your pulse points or hot spots (places where the body is warmer).  This means inner wrists, belly button, behind the ears, behind the knees, collarbone, inside elbows and wherever else you fancy. Choose a few spots to target.

  1. Hair Spraying

Alcohol based perfumes will dry out your hair.  Spray on your hairbrush instead and brush through for a light fragrance.

  1. Keep your scent in the dark

Store in a dark dry place.  Heat, light, and humidity will break down the perfume and lessen the quality of the fragrance. Keep scent in the box, upright and in cool, dry spots and away from windows.

  1. Choosing your perfume wisely

At Magee’s we offer a vast range of fragrances to suit all tastes and all budgets, both for men and women.   It is important to note that the type of scent you choose to purchase has a significant effect on the lasting time of the fragrance.  There is a vast difference between Eau de Cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum and perfume. Obviously, price is an indicator of the amount of perfume essence concentrate in each bottle.  For example. Cologne, has between 3-4% concentrations of perfume essence and lasts about four hours, whereas eau de toilette has between 5 and 15% concentration of perfume concentrates and lasts a while longer, averaging six hours between applications.   Eau de parfum generally last for 6 to 8 hours and a high end perfume, with 20-30% perfume essence concentrate, should last for over 12 hours after application. If you choose a cologne, you may expect to apply more regularly, but you may also prefer the lighter tones of this product.

  1. A Light Touch:

For a lighter, gentle hint of fragrance, it is a good idea to spray the room and walk through the fragrant spritzing.

Perfume in any form is an investment. If you follow these easy tips you will prolong the effects of your favourite perfume on your skin while extending the life of fragrance itself. It’s a nicely scented win-win all round.


Beauty survival for the festive season.

New Year's eve with girls.

It’s party time and we all need to look Fabulous for all those special festive occasions. Not to mention all those Social Media photo uploads!!

Overeating, overheating and tippling too much alcohol can take its toll on our sparkly party faces. Here are some top tips for surviving the festive season while having super fun. We can help you to keep your inner and outer beauty at its best!

Complexion: Unless you give some extra care and attention during the holiday, your skin will suffer.  Christmas and New Year parties mean a lot of alcohol, rich food, maybe some smoking, (if you are feeling really bold). Let’s face it, that kind of shenanigans likes to show on the face.  Nasty dark circles, yeuchy puffy eyes, dry dull skin/dehydration and icky spots!  It is essential to drink lots and lots of water. Take some time out during the holiday madness to relax with a face mask, to cleanse a little deeper.   Serums are all the rage and their effectiveness can easily explain it!  At Magee’s, we have tested many of them and you can find our list of favourites listed in our online shop. To work Serums into your Daily Skincare routine, simply rub a few drops between your fingers and press into your face after Cleansing and Toning before applying your Moisturiser.  Add Clarins New Double Serum Next Generation to your Christmas list and keep that radiance right through the party season.

Lips:  Keep lips luscious and kissable with a good lip balm. The cold weather and indoor heating combined with your hectic social calendar is no excuse for uninviting, chapped, thin lips.  Pucker up with Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm with Honey & Precious Oils.  An extremely nourishing and repairing fragrance-free balm that contains no preservatives or artificial scents and has no sticky effect. Damaged lips will instantly be soothed.  Its luscious texture and its sweet taste of Honey and Grapefruit turns applying it in truly blissful moment. Acacia Honey and Shea Butter nourish and intensely repair. Grapefruit Essence provides a nice sensation of well-being.  As an added bonus, it can be used also on any dry skin patches all over your body.

Eyes:    Try to get enough sleep. I know, it’s not easy with so many gala occasions to attend!  Cat naps are proven to be beneficial, if you are dancing the night away and missing your eight hours of slumber.  Revive tired eyes, with a good eye cream. Eye creams are amazing and can hide dark circles, reduce puffiness and reduce the visible signs of ageing. At Magees, we stock some of the most popular Brands including Nuxe, Lancome and Vichy.

Walk those toxins away:  Those mornings after the night before, get some fresh air.  You may not feel enthusiastic, but push yourself and venture outside into the clean cold air to walk the toxins out of your system.

Go Make up free:  In those chilled days between Christmas and the New Year, relax in front of the telly, make-up free, and let your skin recover. Cleanse well and rehydrate munching on cucumber and let your skin breath.  Treat yourself to Elizabeth Arden Skin Illuminating Retexturizing Pads.  These luxurious Skin Illuminating and Re-texturizing pads safely exfoliate the top layers of skin for a clearer, more radiant and even-toned appearance. Infused with a blend of Essential Oil, Amino Acids and Glycolic Acid, they effectively cleanse and re-texturize skin while enhancing surface skin cell renewal for a more radiant complexion. Lie back and let the magic happen!

Enjoy this magical time of year. Catching up with family and old friends is such precious fun!  Pace yourself, it’s a marathon of feasting and dancing and late night prancing!  Have a good breakfast, rehydrate (we cannot say that often enough!) and follow our few steps to radiate this Christmas Season.

Sparkling Make Up Trends for winter 2017

1482236712_maxresdefault_19-656x357Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle.

Winter might be spreading its dark, stark fingers across the bleak landscape of this fair land, but for the savvy upbeat woman, who seeks to look her best, it’s merely a fitting backdrop to our glamorous shimmer and shine.  Winter 2017 is all about the sparkle, the dazzle and the warm twinkling glow.  And it starts with the eyes!

Jeepers Peepers:  Glitter has featured everywhere in catwalk looks for this season.  A flick of sparkly colour under the brow. Yes, under the brow! A dramatic flash of sequins added to the high cheekbone. A  panache of sparkle under a graphic detailed eye  or a full on cream shimmering eye-shadow will so complete this look  If you prefer a more understated look, try adding a delicate shimmer of grey at the corner of the eyes. Eyes definitely take centre stage with soft smoked out eye and lots of eyeliner. This is achieved with taupe greys, sultry browns and a smudged kohl look. A pop of red can be added mid eyelid, if you are feeling super dramatic!

Getting arty with the eyeliner is not the look for everyone, but if you are ready to look totally fashion forward, graphic eyes are so on point this season! Upward strokes, sharp angles and geometric designs give a bold look and will add party fun to that special night out. Lashes are brash, full and fun! So called, ‘Twiggy’ lashes continue this outlandish celebration of ‘the windows to the soul’. Apply extra-long lashes at even spaces to both the top and bottom eyelids for that wide eyed baby doll look.   Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara

There is bad news on the brow front.  Eyebrows are not so prominent anymore.  Yes, just as we have all perfected the perfect brow, the catwalks are full of neutral brow lines.  Not just barely there, but bleached into the back ground!  Perhaps, we might just hang on to our perfect ‘on fleek’ arches for another wee while and let the trendsetters pave the way for white eyebrows.

Glowing Skin: This strong eye look is matched with simple, perfect glow, ‘no make up’ skin. The look is achieved with good skin care, perfect primers  and  skin tone colour match that is both sensitive and faultless.  At Magee’s, our beauty therapists have years of experience and training in assisting our clients to find the product that most reflects their need.  With a wide variety of top brand names to choose from, we are more than confident in meeting all needs. Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start Primer

Pouting in Plum: Peachy cheeks and killer pouts are completing the incandescent look of Winter 2017.   Lips are reflecting the season in all shades of plum and damson, while the more daring can flaunt the emerging trend for gold lipstick.  The metallic gold is the wintry equivalent of last summer’s popular metallic lip shades.   In this case, all that glitters really is gold, but be prepared to reapply often. Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick

So, as we wrap up against the chilly winter cold, let your winter 2017 make up be hotter, glitzy and totally radiant. Just like you!

Trick or Treat – Awesome Halloween Make up

halloween-959049_960_720It’s October!  Don’t you just love the upcoming Halloween/Oiche Samhain festivities?   Pumpkins, autumnal fruits and the customary ghosts and ghouls. It is that special time of year when the veil between the two worlds is at its thinnest.    It is our own Irish Mardi Gras!  This is your annual opportunity to dress up, let your creativity soar and have the craic in a topsy turvy, scary, funny Halloween world.   But what are you going to dress up as?

To help you and your family embrace this wonderful time of transformation, we have found some of the best ideas for simple, scary, Halloween faces. And amazingly, these can be achieved by using just the contents of your make up bag!

Keep it simple with this  upside down face which looks super creative, but only needs some shading on the nose and your usual make up slightly reversed.  Confused??

Follow this clever YouTube video tutorial and enjoy an evening of confused faces as you blow their minds with this totally weird look.

Remember, getting ready for the evening should be as much fun as the party itself.  Round up some good friends and a bottle of wine and enjoy a pre-party party as you get ready!

upside down face

Upside down face

White powder faces are the perfect base for gruesome scars, burns and scary faces. Scars and Bullet Holes will successfully freak people out and won’t take much time or effort on your part.  Get the base right. Apply Lancome La Base Pro, an ultra-soft, translucent make-up base to smooth your skin surface as well as increase the makeup hold. Then add a white coloured base all over your face.  We recommend you use the Blank Canvas Airbrush Blender Sponge to apply your foundation. Soak the sponge in warm water for about one minute until it expands. Squeeze all the water out.   A foundation brush like the Blank Canvas F02 Double Ended Foundation Brush is also very useful for applying the foundation first, and the choice is yours.  Blend well with the Airbrush Blender sponge. Do stippling motions, by doing a gentle dabbing motion on your face. This white base is great for sugar skull faces or for any scary images you like.  See our half dead model below.

Check out the best way to make an impressive bullet hole without buying expensive SFX (special effects) wax and make up here:

Don’t be afraid to go over the top. It is the one time of the year when you can actually get away with it!



Black Eyeliner is a one stop shop for Halloween. Draw a thick black super hero mask across your eyes.   Draw on a weird spider web drooping from the eyes or go for a full skeleton face. Give yourself some full on Cleopatra eyes and don a sheet-toga if you want to walk like an Egyptian.  Perhaps, you prefer to be cute and cuddly and less of a spectre.  For kitten cute, you can draw a pussycat nose, whiskers and eyes and purr your way unto the dance floor.  There is no doubt that black eyeliner is your best friend for that Oiche Samhain metamorphosis from Mammy to Mummy, from gorgeous to gruesome, from zero to zombie.  (You get the idea!)   Check out some more simple black eyeliner ideas here:

Contouring takes on a whole new meaning at Halloween. Dip your brush into the dusky eyeshadow and apply liberally to your face to bring out your inner Ghoul. This can be a very disturbing look when the right shading and contouring is used and at very little cost.  You were seeking a ‘disturbing’ look, right?  A good step by step guide to assist you from friend to fiend is available here:

Not all costumes need to scare the bejaypers out of everyone you meet.  A cute scarecrow tutorial, which uses very small amounts of your precious make up,  is available here: .

This can be adapted for small people who want to go trick and treating. Team with a straw hat or headscarf and some dungarees.  Hay is optional but would complete the look if it is added to cuffs and hems.

Finally, add some Clarins Fix Make Up to set your makeup and ensure that you have long lasting hold.

Trick or Treat Girls!