Finding a signature perfume to match your personality

nswomenfraglp3Perfume is a very personal thing and we all like to have our very own, signature scent.  This is true whether you enjoy a spicy aroma, a deep musky scent or a spritz of fresh florals.  But, it is not easy to find that special perfume which truly reflects who we are. Not least, because every scent smells completely different on each person.  This is due to our unique body chemistry.  The PH balance of the skin effects the way an aroma can present itself, and so, two people using the same perfume can have completely different results. Choosing your fragrance needs literally, trial and error before you find the one.  To assist you in finding a signature perfume, which matches your personality, we have put together a few tips

Test and try before you buy

Assistants at perfume counters are happy to consult and advise you in which perfume to road test before you buy.  Spritz your skin with the one that most appeals to you, let it settle and see how it is at the end of the day. Ask friends what they think. But most importantly evaluate how you feel about it yourself.  If a whiff of this perfume still makes you feel fabulous a few hours after application, it may well be your signature scent.

Floral, fresh, oriental or woody?

At Magee’s we are proud to stock a vast range of eau de parfum, eau de cologne and perfume in all brands.  It is our pleasure to stock some of the more rare perfumes, such as the ever popular, (Red Door by Elizabeth Arden and Thierry Mugler Alien Eau Extraordinaire) .    Fragrances which attract a dedicated following of women who consider them their own signature perfumes.  In choosing your own personal fragrance, it is useful to firstly know which type of scent you like.

Perfumes can be loosely categorised as floral, fresh, oriental and woody.  Floral top notes indicate a Flirtatious, vivacious, sweet yet confident character.  Roses, jasmine and freesia are pretty perfumes, which can be warmed up with vanilla and musk for a heady mix.  Laidback, sporty types like the fresh, clean and light fragrances of citrus, green tea and marine plants. DKNY Be Delicious or Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey. Refreshing and sparkling, they are in direct contrast to the exotic aroma of the oriental perfumes favoured by the brave and the bold.  Warm, opulent and sensual oriental fragrances are musky, spicy and opulent.   Free spirit, outdoorsy types like woody fragrances. Warm with sandalwood, vanilla and hints of smoke, these earthy aromas are never associated with the more frivolous of personalities and reflect the deepness of the soul (Gucci by Gucci)

Of course, no one says you cannot have a few signature fragrances.  You can chop and change your scent if you feel like mixing it up and depending on the mood of the day.  Test and try outside of your comfort zone now and again.

The Science bit

There is a scientific basis behind the choice of signature fragrance. The perfume notes you can’t resist reveal a lot about your personality.  It seems that there is a region of your brain, a primitive, instinctual region, which recognizes smells and aromas.  This section of your brain is intimately connected with the emotional section of your brain, the limbic system.  This is the source of all of our most primal reactions, such as pleasure, fear and hunger. Here too, is the data banks of our deepest memories.    So your perfume personality, is an extension of your own personality and this must be to the forefront of your search for your signature fragrance!

Whatever fragrance you choose to reflect the real you, check out our blog on how to get the best from that bottle of scent