Lancome’s latest “Must Have”


Well ladies we have another Lancome miracle product being launched, like visionnaire and Genifique serum which are worldwide bestsellers and revolutionary in the skincare market, award winning and guaranteed results……

So after more scientific research they have developed another amazing product called GENIFIQUE EYE LIGHT PEARL which is on counter right now! It reenergizes the eye area refreshes and awakens the eye, targets dark circles ,bags, fine lines and signs of fatique.

All you have to do is rest the pearl applicator on the fine line {don’t like that word wrinkle!} and gently smooth it back and forth over the eye area. After 4 weeks guaranteed amazing results…..Catherine and Julie have tried a preview and absolutely love it I’m always concerned with my eye area and have tried every eye cream on the market but this one has it all I’m definitely making this product  part of my daily skincare routine.


Many people, ladies especially spend their whole life searching for the perfect skincare or that perfect shade of foundation. Well this week at Magees Pharmacy, we are waving our Clarins magic cosmetic wand.
You can not only receive FREE Clarins goodies when you spend €60 but you can book in for a free one to one consultation with Clarins makeup artist Irene Smith from Wednesday 22nd – Saturday 25th. You can also book with our highly trained cosmetic girls Catherine & Julie who are at hand for makeovers or skincare advice.
Book now by calling 0749121409 & remember;
With Clarins life is more beautiful!

Magees Travel Guide


As we are now reaching peak time for travelling, we have put together a checklist to help you remember all you need to pick up from the pharmacy before travelling. Usually the illnesses we develop on holidays aren’t that serious however they can cause problems because we are a distance away from medical help or there may be a language barrier. Anyone who is on regular medication & hoping to travel for a longer period of time is advised to see their GP to get a prescription suitable for their stay.

Sunscreen – As much as we all love the sun kissed look, we need to be really careful in protecting ourselves from the strong rays of sun while travelling abroad. Using a sunscreen with a high protection factor (SPF) will enable you to enjoy the sun in a safe, healthy way & prevent you against skin damage caused by the sun. There are a variety of sunscreen products on our shelves including creams, sprays & oils. Should you need any advice in choosing a certain product speak to any of our pharmacists who will be happy to help. Oh, & don’t forget the aftersun, a cream or gel with aloe vera may alleviate any redness & act as a cooling agent after sunbathing.

Travel sickness
Whether you’re travelling by car, sea or air the nausea feeling/ travel sickness experienced by many of us can be relieved with the aid of tablets available over the counter containing cinnarizine commonly known to us as Stugeron & hyoscine tablets also known as Kwells. These tablets have a few restrictions on them & our Pharmacists will be more than happy to talk to you regarding their suitability. Ginger is another known “cure” for travel sickness & has the added advantage of not causing drowsiness. Wristbands are also available which operate by applying pressure on the Nei Kuan acupressure point on each wrist.

Vomiting/ Diarrhoea
These are two of the most common ailments we are faced with while on holidays/ travelling. Vomitting can be caused by a number of factors however, the main reason is often the different food we consume that causes us upset. Motilium tablets are available over the counter to help relieve this problem and as with Diarrhoea it’s important to remember to take fluids regularly to replace those lost to prevent dehydration. Dioralyte sachets are easily packed & handy to have for rehydrating yourself. Over the counter medicines such as Arrett, & Imodium are effective in the relief of Diarrhoea, however a lot of these medications are not suited to children & advice from your pharmacist is the practical step to help alleviate these uncomfortable travelling ailments.

Painkillers are a must for anyone travelling. Paracetamol, Aspirin, & Ibuprofen will assist with all common pain types whether its headaches, muscle pain, toothache, menstrual pain etc. Loose or effervescent tablets may absorb moisture from the air & become ineffective therefore it is advised to buy blister packs. If you’re travelling with children, we would strongly advise you to carry Calpol/Nurofen to reduce fever & relieve pain which can be a frequent occurrence with children of a young age.

Best prevented with a high-fibre diet & fluids. Products such as Dulcolax or Senokot are available in tablet/liquid form to relieve constipation, however high fibre diet treatment is recommended with medication only being used as a temporary measure.

Heart burn & stomach acid
A daily discomfort for many & unfortunately holidays are no exception Zantac, Pepcid AC, Gaviscon, Bisodol, Rennies are some of the helpful remedies available on consultation with our pharmacy staff.

Sores & Blisters
Basic items such as plasters, bandages, disinfectant wipes & sprays will come in useful for these problems.

Hayfever/ Skin Allergies
Probably one of the most common irritating problems we’re faced with on holidays. Products available over the counter are Piriton, Clarityn, Zirtek, Cetrine, & Zirpine to help relieve hayfever, insect bites, skin allergies & food allergies. If you’re unfortunate to be bitten severely on holidays & the swelling/ pain does not feel normal please check with a health professional in your holiday area as more extensive treatment may be required.

Condoms are still the best way of reducing the chance of unwanted pregnancy or contracting a sexual transmitted disease & are available in all pharmacies.

Insect spray/ Repellent
Having insect repellent on hand whether it’s spray, lotion or roll on is minimizing the risk of suffering mosquitoe, midges & other biting insects. Jungle formula is one of the most reliable products available on the market, with the Extra Strength formulation containing Deet for maximum insect repellent strength.

We hope this guide helps you to finalise all your holiday health essentials & if you’ve any queries feel free to call in to the pharmacy or call us on 07491-21409 to speak to one of our Pharmacists or trained advisors.

Happy Holidays!


——————————————————————————————————————–Shopping List:
sunscreen, aftersun, aloe vera gel,  Kwells (travel sickness), Motilium (vomiting), Imodium (diarrhoea), Dioralyte (rehydration), Paracetamol/Nurofen (pain killers), Calpol/Nurofen (children) Dulcolax Cconstipation), Zantac/Gaviscon (heartburn & stomach acid),  savlon wipes, plasters, Cetrine tablets (Hayfever, allergies) Durex (contraception) Jungle Formula (Insect Repellent)









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CLAIRNS BIG BEAUTY OFFER is one not to be missed! “It’s a CRACKER”.

Receive a gift of 3 travel size Clains Skinwear treats from a selection of 10! Your gift from us when you buy two or more Clairns products, one to be a moisturiser. Also come in and meet our Clairns Beauty Expert, who will be on-hand to give you skincare and make up advice to suit your complexion. Our expert will be in store on the 16th – 25th of August.



The new Clarins Ombre Minerale Eyeshadows are in store Now. Sixteen fab colour variations available.
The gentle formulas are infused with minerals and come in a variety of finishes, from matte to satin, pearl to shimmer. Each of the sixteen colour-true shadows are suitable for even the most sensitive of eyes and are ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested.
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