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Nuxe Nirvanesque Yeux



Nuxe Nirvanesque Yeux
Smoothing Eye Contour Cream with Peony & Hyaluronic Acid

Nirvanesque Eye Cream is a delicate, non-greasy, non-sticky emulsion for 1st lines and dark circles, based on Floral Neuro-Cosmetics. It has been specifically developed for this fragile area and is hypoallergenic.

This eye contour treatment acts on 3 levels: action on 1st expression lines, immediate smoothing effect on eye contour and instant erasing of dark circles. Hyaluronic Acid fills fine lines and wrinkles, Amaranth smoothes the epidermis for a rested look. Optical pigment correctors have an instant action against dark circles, masking blemishes and leaving you looking radiant. The patented trio of active ingredients by NUXE (Blue Lotus Seeds, Mallow Root and Poppy Seeds) reduces muscle contractions, leaving the skin looking relaxed.

Suitable for all skin types, including male, from 25 years or as soon as first expression lines appear.